General Information   and   Bio-Statement​
General Information:
Ths information is for those who would like to purchase originals or Gicleé (zhee-clay) prints. The pictures are offered unframed. It will be up to the skills  of the buyer's framer to select appropriate framing to match the decor to please the owner.
The originals are painted with watercolors  or acrylic on watercolor and/or Yupo paper or on the Aquabord.  Pastels are painted on special type of pastel paper or sandpaper.The pastel and watercolor originals must be protected  by glass, plexiglass or archival acrylic coating to protect the art from dust, humidity, scratching and other damages. The acrylic varnish coating is gaining more acceptance even so it is violating the basic pure watercolor societies rule that any coating will change the watercolor picture into mixed media painting.

What are Giclee' Prints?
Giclee' prints are high qulity digital reproductions of the original artwork using professional ink-jet printers that require light-fast, pigment based inks on archival substrates (paper, canvas). The Giclee' prints have light fastness rating over 100 years but they have to be protected like the originals above.
Purchase Information:
If you like any of my pictures and would like to purchase either the original or the Giclee' print. Just send me an email. I will send you pricing information for the picture(s) with estimated shipping and handling charges. If you like to make a purchase, you can use PayPal and my email address below.
Vladimir's Bio
Vladimir is a retired Engineer with a Masters }Diplom] Degree in Structural Engineering from the University in Prague. He acquired Structural, Civil and Professional Engineering Licenses in many states of the US. He worked as a Civil and Structural Engineer, Design Supervisor, Construction Inspector, Contractor and Project Manager on many projects in Europe, Asia and America (USA). Before his retirement he worked as a Civil and Structural Engineer and Project Manager for a number of City of Tucson projects.

Vladimir has several hobbies. One of them is his passion for Instrmental music. He loves to play his guitar or accordion. He was a member of Accordion Club of Tucson, but there was not eenough time to practice the accordion and concentrate on painting once he joined Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild (SAWG). Therefore after his retirement he intensified his passion for visual art. Vladimir joined SAWG in 2008. In 2009 he was accepted as as a juried member. He participated in SAWG Calendar Experimental & Innovative Works in Water Media and Annual shows, and Fiesta Sonora Signature Point shows,. He also had a few solo exhibit shows: In April 2010 at the Kirk Bear Canyon Public Library, in October 2011 at Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson and in 2013 in the Art Gallery at the Aqua Caliente Park in Tucson.
In March 2013 he achieved the SAWG Signature Member status.

Vladimir's Statement
I was captivated by the transparency an luminiscence of watercolors. It is unique to any other media, and if correctly applied, can be very rewarding. In the beginning I considered my engineering background as a minus until I realized that I can take advantage of it. Analyzing everything and understanding the principles of visual art and developing an ability to express my thought in a form of created art must be an advantage!

I am studying the different styles, techniques, and different media of the old and present masters and trying to apply everything I learn. I am inspired by many subjects surrounding us. This is a gratifying and relaxing way to express my feelings.

Enjoy my art and thank you for visiting my website.

Dear Guests of my website.
I would love to hear from you. Your opinions about my pictures would  be very valuable and it would help me in my advancement. Please share your opinions and let me know what pictures you like and what others you would like to see.

​Thank you​​